Chelsea Fabrizio



Camera Type *

5D Miii & 6D

Genre of Photography *

Wedding/ Couple

Favorite Lens *

35mm 1.4

Where did you grow up? *

Draper, UT

Who influences your work? Where do you look for inspiration? *

Oh my goodness, so many! Ben Sasso, Jessica Janae, Ty French, basically anyone that can create something incredible from something so weird! oh!!! and music. Music is a huge inspiration for me.

How do you overcome creative slumps? *

Doing something for myself. We can get so caught up in taking pictures to make a living, but we are taking pictures for other people and working off of whatever they can give you. It feels so good to put together something for yourself where you can do whatever the heck you want and turn it in to what you want-- rather then what someone else is paying you for.

What got you into photography? *

I've had a camera for as long as I can remember. From point & shoots to beginner DSLRs, and I actually started out doing video, but quickly fell in love with photography after being inspired by one of my college professors. There is just something about freezing time that I fell in love with.

What has your focus been in developing your work? *

Keeping it classic. I want my clients to look back on these photos when they are old and gray and still love them as much as I do.

Any current projects? *

There is always something in the works! but with busy season going on right now, it will have to be put on hold until late fall :)

Do you have a favorite shoot? Describe it. *

That is such a hard question!! There have been multiple times when I leave a shoot, and I literally cry on the way home about how incredible it was.. and how inspired I am to do more. When vendors can come together with the same idea and goal in mind, you really can create something magical.

What do you want people to think when they stumble across your work? *

Natural, Classic, and Editorial.

What are your favorite tools to grow your business? *

I am actually obsessed with making my website pretty. It is a problem.. I think I change the layout like once a month... and I know not a lot of people actually look at it because Instagram is such a big portfolio these days-- but I am very proud of my website.

Any bucketlist places you're dying to visit?

Africa forever and always.